woensdag 29 augustus 2012


 Shirt - gift from friend bought in China / shorts - H&M / Shorts - Timberland
The weather in the Netherlands is luckily not so bad, I'm actually quite happy with it. My dad and I went to village where all the houses are white. It was so nice to walk there.
Tomorrow I have to go to my neighbour and ask her if she wants to share her internet. Wright now I'm using a connection from somebody that isn't secured, but it's a very bad connection. Can't wait to have internet everyday at every moment that's fast and keeps working. 

vrijdag 24 augustus 2012

White smoke


Outfit: Leggings - Lovelysally / Shirt - H&M / Bag and bandeau - Xidan Shoppingcentre /  Ring - Silk market Beijing

Wednesday me and my sister went to 'Magic Mike'. It was such a funny movie. But still serieus at some times and the dancing of Channing Tatum was great. We also had some food at an outdoor event called 'Noorderzon' in Groningen where my family lives and took some pictures there. Yesterday I had to work for the first time since 7 weeks in the town where I live. It's about 5 houres by public transportation and I so didn't wanted to go. Luckily my father wanted to go with me and we went by car. Today I'm free so think we're going to go somewhere, to a nice city/place around Maastricht and do some tourist seightseeing.
Have a nice day! xx

dinsdag 21 augustus 2012

At Ming City Wall Ruins Park

Pfff can´t sleep. Went to bed pretty early for once and then woke up around 4 and now I can´t sleep anymore. So thought I might aswell do some blogging. I find it easier to type when I´m a bit sleepy, then I don´t think so much. 

Took these pictures at the  Ming City Wall Ruins Park about two weeks ago. It was such a beautiful day, about once a week we could see the blue sky and clouds. Normaly there is to much airpolution, so you see nothing but a grey sky. So we felt so lucky walking there with the nice weather and green around us. We bought some fruits at a shop a cross the park and just relaxed. After walking trew the park I climed up the wall. It wasn't a high or big wall, but still the few was pretty nice. And there was a cafe on the wall where I had such a delicious refreshing beverage. Made my day even better. 

Think I´m going back to bed try to get some more sleep.

vrijdag 17 augustus 2012

Beijing Gongye Daxue de pengyou

 With Sara and Yaell at our farewell diner. I'm going back next year so will see Sara again in China :)

All the Korean people where so sweet,always happy so happy. At first I was a bit suprised by there enthusiasm the whole time, but after I few days I was just as enthusiastic as them.

At K-TV, that was so much fun! Had been to a kareoke bar in the Netherlands just once and it wasn't that great. But here in China and more Asian countries it is a big thing, had such a great evening, can't wait to do more K-TVing.

Oooo missing the people I met at The Beijng University of Technology. Met so many lovely people from all over the world. Hope to meet them again in China or Korea or somewhere...

donderdag 16 augustus 2012

From Beijing to Amsterdam

Two days ago I was still in China. So weird to be back in Holland. The flight went so fast, we left our dormitory around 12 in the night Chinese time on thuseday and we landed in Amsterdam around 14.00 on wednesday. My friends were so tired, we went out on monday so we didn't sleep that much. I didn't had that much trouble staying awake, already got used to sleeping during the day and stay up during the night. I did have a good sleep in the airplane though. My seat was next to the emergency exit so had lots of space.
Had such a great time in Beijing, gonna post lost of pictures tomorrow. Now still tired from the trip.

woensdag 8 augustus 2012

At the Great Wall

Vorige week zijn we naar de Chineze muur gegaan. Het was heel slecht weer, erg jammer kon bijna niks zien door de mist. Maar was nog steeds mooi en best indrukwekkend om te zien en er op te lopen. Wil nog een keer heen als het beter weer is. Gelukkig had ik mijn regenjas die ik voor 70 cent had gekocht bij me.

Last week we went to The Great Wall. The weather was so bad, couldn't see anything. It was still beautiful and pretty impressive to see and walk on the wall. Want to go back again when the weather is better. Luckily I had my raincoat which I bought for 70 eurocents with me. 



Ben dol op ringen, heb paar op de foto gezet voor me zusje. Wil even weten welke zij heel graag wil hebben, zodat ik weet welke ik nog meer moet kopen. Heb gemiddeld 3 euro per ring betaald. Een paar heb ik in de eerste week dat ik hier was gekocht en toen durfde ik nog niet zo hard af te dingen. Nu gaat het wel beter gelukkig en nieuwe plaatsen ontdekt waar de ringen zowieso nog geen 2 euro kosten :)

Love rings, took some photos of it for my sister so she can tell me wich ones she really wants. Than I maybe have to buy than dubble. I paid about 3 euros per item. Bought a few in the first week that I was here and I wasn't that good in bargaining. Now I'm getting a little better and found some places where the prices are low all the time

maandag 6 augustus 2012

Walking around the campus

Sunglasses bought at Albert Kuijp Marktet Amsterdam, Shorts River Island

De campus hier is best groot, veel te zien. Het is ook hier zomervakantie dus erg rustig en genoeg leuke plekjes om foto’s te maken. Had laatst gezwommen bij het zwembad hier en het was zo vies! Vind het hier sowieso al veel naar urine ruiken, de toiletten ruik je soms al vanaf 10 meter afstand. Had niet verwacht dat het zwemwater ook zo erg zou stinken. We wouden even een verfrissende duik nemen, nou voelde me zo smerig daarna, om de zoveel meter een enorme urine stank, ga nooit meer zwemmen hier.
The campus here is pretty big, lots to see. It’s also summer vacation here so it’s very quite here en there are plenty of nice spots to take pictures. Went swimming a few days ago at the campus swimming pool and it was a disaster. It smelled so much like pee, disgusting.  We wanted to take a refreshing dive, but I felt so gross afterwards, never going to swim again here.  

zaterdag 4 augustus 2012


Just been waiting for more than 30 minutes to upload these 3 pictures, have much more and wanted to upload more, but then I lost the connection and had to start all over again. I'll will try again tomorrow when I have fresh energy and patience to wait. Took these pictures at the Art District wich was a very nice place. Lots of art offcourse. I don't like to go on the computer during the day, so now it's  almost 03.00 and I'm tired again. From now on I'm gonna try to go to bed earlier. Have a good night.

donderdag 2 augustus 2012


Het eten hier is best oke, durf alleen weinig te proberen omdat ik in Nederland al weinig vlees eet en kan hier niet lezen wat voor vlees er allemaal in zit. Dus eet vaak de zelfde dingen. Aantal keren sushi gegeten, wel goede denk ik want word normaal misselijk van en nu niet. En het is hier net als het meeste eten heel wat goedkoper, per bordje met minstens 2 sushi dingen betaal je omgerekend ongeveer 70 cent. Heb hier ook een paar keer garnalen gegeten, super lekker geweldig. Eet het meest bij op de campus, voor niet meer dan 2 euro heb je goede warme maaltijd en ookal is uiteten hier veel goedkoper dan in Nederland, buiten de campus eten is gemiddeld 2x zo duur, dus eet zovaak mogelijk hierboven bij de campus cantine.

I'm so tired now, the internet connection is okay but uploading and stuff still cost a lot of time, can't think anymore, want to go to bed. For the lovely readers who are interessed in what I said above, I put a translationbutton on the side. Sorry for being this lazy. Did so much stuff this week, have so many pictures but gonna post them later, when I have energy and internet wich isn't blocked like today yippie.
I will responde to comments later when I'm back in Holland, it will go much and much faster. Have a great day if your day has just begon or have a good night when it's late xx.

Temple of Heaven

Wat foto's van de Temple of Heaven waar we vorige week heen waren geweest. Heb niet veel zin om veel te typen, kan nu eindelijk op blogger komen, wil meteen door fotos posten! Wil alleen even vermelden dat er veel kinderen aan het schilderen en tekenen waren en veel volwassennen die aan het sporten waren. Heb ook een lint gekocht voor iets meer dan een euro, zo'n ritmisch gymnastiek lint, heb dat een paar jaar gedaan, kan nu weer oefenen joepie.

Some pictures of the Temple of Heaven where we went last week. Don't want to type a lot, because it's the first time in weeks that I can get on my blog easy with good connection, so want to post more pictures wright now. Just want to say that there were lots of children drawing like the cute girl above and a lot of adults doing sports wich was very nice to see.

zondag 22 juli 2012

Forbidden City

Zoveel smog in de lucht, het was helemaal grijs de hele dag, maar dat maakt het niet minder indrukwekkend. De stad was erg groot, we hebben niet eens alle gedeeltes doorgelopen, omdat we te moe waren en omdat sommige delen nog steeds niet open zijn voor publiek. Het mooiste gedeelte vond ik de paleis tuinen, wou dat er veel meer plaatsen in Beijing er zo uitzagen.
So much air polution, the sky was grey the whole day, but that didn't make it less impressive. The city was very big and so beautiful. It felt like you were back in time. Really enjoyed walking there.  The most beautiful part for me were the imperial gardens, wish there were more places in Beijing that looked like that.

 Nieuwe ring gekocht op bij de Silk Market voor me lieve zusje.
Bought a new ring for my sister. 

Hier nog blij en vrolijk, vond de stad super mooi. 
Here I'm still happy because I enjoyed the city so much. 

Top DIY / Ring bought at Silk Market Beijing / Skirt bought at Xidan Beijing / Shoes Dolcis

 En hier ben moe van het lopen, het was echt verschrikkelijk warm/benauwd. 
My friends are still smiling I'm just tired of walking. It was so hot.