zondag 10 juni 2012

10 Juni Exhibition Fashionclash

Today I went to the exhibition of Fashionclash and the Fashionclash market in my town. The exhibition was in a former décor factory that was transformed into an exhibition show room. 

This beautiful piece is made by Sara Vrugt. Really want a dress like this, but than offcourse from a different material.

At another location was the Fashionclash Market where visitors could purchase individual items themselves. FASHIONCLASH Market offers visitors the chance to browse around and discover unique clothing, accessories and design of young designers.  Saw some nice things, not really to buy, but more to get inspiration to make something myself.

 Can you believe that these aren't real bonbons but brooches? Saw them and was so amazed. They look and even feel so real. Have a great week !

For designer names and more info about their work check: http://fashionclash.nl/ 

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  1. What a beautiful look, I love bootyes)))

  2. I love your shoes! such a gorgeous colour!!
    thank you for your comment, I corrected the form, or you can email me the details on fasheauty@live.co.uk if it continues to fail :)

    Chloe Polo

  3. Superb shoes!! which brand is that??


    1. Wich shoes do you mean? The once that I'm wearing of the once at the Fashionclash market.
      In my shoes I can see the name Jumex, but I don't think you can find it on internet of something.
      Bought them for €30 at a small shoe store in my town.
      Really small store.
      And for the once in the pictures you can check the website, I forgot their names.

      xx Nonna Tiwow

  4. У вас тоже очень интересный блог. Подписывайтесь =)

    1. Had to translate your comment first, but now I understand it haha.
      Thank you!

  5. Your outfit is beautiful!!! Love the turquoise and white combination!


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  6. Hahahaha, I would definitely eat those bonbons, then probably die, but it would be so worth it :D

  7. great shoes! color are amazing!

  8. WOOOOW. i enjoyed this post. and i love your outfit, by the way :) love the color


  9. Great pictures!! The outfit is really awesome!! I fall in love with the shoes and the top!! Perfect combination! The last picture is soo cute:)

    Hope you visit me on my blog


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