vrijdag 8 juni 2012

DIY: asymetric skirt

 Nodig: Stof of lange rok. Elastiek. Spelden, schaar, garen.
You need: Fabric or a long skirt. Elastic. Thread, needles and scissors.

Kan zelf (nog) niet naaien, dus me moeder heeft eerst de rok in elkaar gezet. Zit eigenlijk geen model in, gewoon simpel recht met elastiek boven.
Can not (yet) sew myself, so my mom put together this skirt. Therse really no model in it, just simple straight with elastics. 

Dus eerst moet je een lange rok hebben.
So you need a long skirt.

Dan meet je hoe kort je het kortste gedeelte wilt hebben en hoe lang het langste. Handig om daar spelden te zetten, voordat je het vergeet wat je wou knippen.
Than you measure how short you want the shortest part to be and how long you want the longest part. It's handy to put needles there, so you won't verget where to cut.

Rok zeg maar op z'n zij leggen, zodat als je knipt beide kanten er gelijk uitkomen te zien.
Put the skirt on it's side, so when you cut both sides will be cut equal.

Door de spelden weet je waar je moet beginnen met knippen en waar je moet uitkomen.
Because of the needles you know where to start and where to end.

 Probeer voorzichtig vloeiend het model er in te knippen, beter eerst te weinig dan teveel!
Try carefully to cut a smooth model, it's beter to try again and again than cut to much in one time.

En dan passen, bij knippen en passen en bij knippen. Uiteindelijk vond ik dit de goede vorm.
And then you try it on, cut, try on and cut. Untill you think it looks beautiful. This was the wright shape for me.

Vergeet niet af te lokken! Anders gaat het enorm rafelen.

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  1. IN LOVE with your new DIY skirt!

  2. Oh, this skirt is awesome, you have done a good job! I am thinking myself to do it also :).
    Thanks for following me, dear. You have sweet blog, following you back now.

    Much Love,
    J. - http://juliechoice.blogspot.com/

  3. Thank you very much for your comment on my blog. I appreciate that. I look around your blog and I like it really. I'm your new Follower. Maybe you wanna follow me back.
    xo, Petra


  4. It turned out really well! Can't wait to try this!


  5. Very nice I did that a few weeks ago to my long skirt to make highlow skirt. Its turn out very pretty. But I feel sad because I cut it off.
    Did you feel the same?
    BTW do you want to follow each other?


  6. O thats to bad that you feel sad about it!
    I don't have that with this skirt, but my mom made another long skirt wich I wanted to cut.
    But I'm not sure if I should do it.
    Gonna make pictures of it, post it somewhere next week and ask everyone what I should do!

  7. So creative, lovely post!
    Such a good idea, I'll try this one tonight hope it comes out as nice as yours!

    Chloe Polo

  8. Great DIY, you have hands for these stuff, the end result is fab ^_^


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