dinsdag 19 juni 2012

Study in turkois

Arizond Icetea, Jen's agenda, Lisa's earring 

Net Chinees lezen/schrijfen tentamen gehad pfff ben zo benieuwd naar me cijfer. Ben weer veel te laat begonnen, dus met veel redbull en weinig slaap door me laatste hoofdstukken heen gegaan en dan blijft helaas niet alles hangen. Nu nog 3 te gaan, wil alles meteen halen zodat ik eerder vakantie heb, en minder stress natuurlijk. Dus vandaag weer/nog steeds in de bieb zitten leren, zag paar dingen in me lieverlings kleur waar ik wat vrolijker van werd. Nu weer verder leren pffff..
Just had my Chinese writing exame. So nerveus for my mark. Offcourse started to late so had to run trew my last chapters with  little sleep and a lot of redbull. Not the best way to remember things. Now 3 more to go, want to pass everything immediatly so my holiday starts earlier and I have less stress. So today again/still studying in the libary with my friends, saw a few things in my favorite colour that made my day a bit brighter. Now back to the books...

Karakters schrijven schrijven schrijven...
Writing writing writing...


Succes met leren (als je moet leren)!!
Good luck with studying (if you need to)!!

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog,I`m your new follower.

    Congratulations for learning Chinese.
    Good luck!


  2. Good luck with your exams!

    I am your new Bloglovin follower ;)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  3. Hi, sweetie, this is such a sweet blog, sorry for that late response, I have just been superbusy. I saw your other posts and I have to say you are so gorgeous, lovely style too! So beautiful outfit here and I can't imagine how you understand anything about chinese, for me it looks so complicated.
    Btw, following you through Bloglovin too, if you want you can follow me back!

    J. - http://juliechoice.blogspot.com/

  4. Very cute look dear! Very chic in white! OMG! I'll be praying that you will get good grades and I know you do because I've been reading your blog and you're really dedicated in studying :) As I was looking at your writings, I see familiar characters that I also learned in my Japanese class! :)


  5. Wauw dat ziet er echt moeilijk uit! Heb superveel bewondering voor mensen die Chinees leren!
    En dat drankje ken ik niet, ziet er alvast schattig uit, waar koop je het? x

    1. Haha dankje!
      Die ice tea koop je bij de ah.
      Vond het niet super bijzonder lekker, maar het flesje vind ik mooi:)

  6. Cute outfit! I gave you an award. Check this post:

    - Em ♥

  7. CHINESE?!
    Omfg! GOOD luck! :) it's good that you're working hard! i bet you'll get great results!

  8. Thanks, I really need that luck. Don't get stressed out, it only makes things worse and nothing is worth stressing for :)

  9. It´s perfect style and good taste!

  10. You look great! Very stylish and classy


  11. Superleuke blog! Zullen we elkaar volgen, ik volg jou sowieso.



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